a DMterview with Jade (@jademakessounds)

for yr consideration: an improvised, phone-recorded piano album...

Hello readers. After a hiatus last week, I’m trying out a new time zone for The Molly Zone, specifically Wednesdays. We’ll see if a midweek music newsletter is the vibe when reading about musicians and the cool shit they do is the move.

And in the Molly Zone today….

Another D-lightful DM-terview (after the last one with Full Blown Meltdown) if I do say so myself. This time I DM’d over Instagram with Jade about To Climb a Winding Staircase, their almost-entirely-improvised album of piano instrumentals recorded during peak Covid times of 2020.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous album — the kind you can put on and let your mind languidly circle around some lost, unearthed memory — and I was shocked to find out it was recorded entirely on a phone microphone. Do you know how I feel about accessible technology facilitating cool musical moments? I feel great about it. It’s like my fave thing. And somehow I think the recording style, combined with the improvisatory nature of the music, gives the album an extra aura of atmospheric magic. Anyway let’s…talk….PIANO!!!!!!

Find To Climb a Winding Staircase on all listening platforms here.

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