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The Molly Zone newsletter....it lives!!!!

If you are receiving this email, it means you either subscribed to my Tinyletter newsletter in like 2018, or more recently to a Substack link I started circulating after Elon Musk bought Twitter and went sicko mode over there. This is neither a Tinyletter nor a Substack! Ha ha! I'm doing this newsletter on Beehiiv, a platform I discovered after I subscribed to the weed newsletter Cash Only. Beehiiv lets you go kind of crazy with customization and formatting and I am a freak for customization and formatting. Give me a choice of fonts and I will agonize for hours, and feel so, so great doing it.

Anyway, thank you for having subscribed at some point over the last five years. Probably un-shockingly, this newsletter will largely consist of interviews with musicians and music-adjacent people. I interview music people via video over at The Alternative, and I talk to music people on my podcast And Introducing. But I wanted to 'get back to my roots' and do some written-format stuff, therefore completing a 360-degree spin of the brain's content processing faculties.

I will be talking to people doing cool things in the musical realm, and then I will also ask them for recommendations of other people to talk to, and talk to those people, and it will be sort of like a music-themed game of telephone that offers a treasure trove of recommendations, discoveries, vibes and so on. And I am sure that I will also write some other types of pieces for this as well (I have been sitting on an essay I wrote about going to a drum & bass festival in the Netherlands for a little while, for instance) and use it to cross-promote the other things I do. Nice and normal newsletter things.

The first edition will get sent this week! I will probably send such emails on Friday, as a Friday treat! We all love Fridays, TGI and otherwise. Email me with comments, questions, concerns, recs for folks I need to interview, etc. YEAH BABY!

— Molly Mary O'Brien